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How to make sparkling iced tea

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If you want to enhance your iced tea this summer, grab some sparkling water! Just like the classic iced tea, you can use any tea to make this carbonated beverage. My personal favourite to cool down with is a sencha green tea but all types of tea will work. This is a great non-alcoholic drink to serve at garden parties, barbecues or even brunch. But, of course, you can add a shot of something if you’re feeling adventurous! To spruce it up a bit, serve it in champagne flutes, too. That’s what Fortnum & Mason recommends with their Sparkling Tea line which was the inspiration behind this recipe. With a double steep of your favourite tea poured over ice and a splash of sparkling water, you will have a very refreshing and fancy glass of sparkling iced tea in no time.

What is Sparkling Iced Tea?

It’s iced tea with a splash of sparkling water! It may also be referred to as Carbonated Iced Tea, Bubbly Iced Tea, Iced Tea Sparkler, or Iced Tea Spritzer. I’ve heard many different names!

Can I Cold Brew Tea in Sparkling Water?

Yes! Especially if you really like sparkling water. If you decide to cold brew tea directly in sparkling water only, then you should be a fan of lots of bubbles! Refer to this article for cold steeping guidelines.

However, the recipe below uses the flash chill iced tea method, which means you will make tea hot first, then pour it over ice to quickly chill it. I don’t actually love sparkling water in large amounts so I prefer this because it has just the right amount of bubbles added to it.

If you want to spruce up your glass of iced tea even more, consider adding some fruit pieces and fresh herbs, too. The infusion will add more flavours and also make it visually appealing!

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